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Top 10 Clinical Trial Recruitment Companies of 2021
Antidote works with leading health nonprofits and patient advocates to connect sponsors and research sites with informed, engaged patients interested in clinical trial participation. Offerings include lab-validated referrals, targeted outreach plans with a network of 300+ nonprofit and patient advocacy partners, and other premium services for trial sponsors.
This patient recruitment agency uses 400 digital channels to reach out to patients searching for medical information online. By streamlining the recruitment process, AutoCruitment helps accelerate the commercialization of safe, effective new treatments for devastating diseases and conditions.
BBK Worldwide
BBK Worldwide has more than 30 years of experience in patient recruitment and offers whitepapers and ebooks to share insights from their years of experience.
With an established worldwide network of patients and investigators and sound business practices that have garnered a 93% approval rate following initial EC/IRB submission, Clariness has everything you expect from a global patient recruitment company, and everything you need to keep your trial on track.
ClinicalConnection was founded in 1998 by a team of medical research professionals whose goal has been to make it easier for people to stay informed about clinical trials in their community. Over the years, has connected more than one million people to clinical trials. By bringing study participants and clinical research staff together, it has revolutionized the study participant recruitment process in order to make it quicker, accurate, and more personalized than ever.
TrialX iConnect
TrialX's iConnect is specifically designed to facilitate patient-recruitment for academic medical centers, sponsors, and patient advocacy groups. iConnect allows your investigators to improve online awareness of their trials, communicate with interested participants, and monitor recruitment metrics. TrialX serves institutions like Penn Medicine, NYU Langone Medical Center, CenterWatch and more.
Patiro - Patient Recruitment
Patiro recruits patients in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia to ensure the perfect fit between patient and trial. They employ a white-glove double-screening process in recruitment and you pay only for enrolled patients. Patiro operates in chronic, oncology and rare disease spaces.
CSSI Enroll
CSSi was founded in 2005 and has become a major global, full-service patient recruitment company. A leader in the industry, CSSi delivers strategic patient recruitment, enrollment and retention solutions to study sponsors and CROs. With over 15 years of clinical trial experience in over 40 countries, CSSi has strategically planned and executed recruitment campaigns in more than 30 therapeutic areas.
Elligo Health Research
Since 2016, Elligo Health Research, founded by John Potthoff, Ph.D., and Chad Moore, has accelerated the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic products using novel clinical technology and what they call the "Goes Direct" approach.
Another company with a few decades of experience, MMG positions itself as global recruitment strategists. The company emphasizes their strategy support offerings.

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